Shark.chat online service (Service) is developed by KRAINA STARTAPIV LLC (Provider, Company) Shark.chat is used by the company as a trademark. Please read this document before using the service. All stated terms and conditions have the legal force of an agreement between the User and the Provider. Registration on the site, ordering one of the services, payment of the invoice issued by the Provider means full and unconditional acceptance of this agreement - all rules, terms, restrictions and other conditions. The Provider has the right to change the terms of this agreement at its discretion at any time without informing the Registrant. The user can familiarize himself with the current terms of the agreement on this page.

Privacy Policy

By registering on the service, the User is obliged to provide accurate and truthful data about himself. The responsibility for providing false information rests with the User. The Provider is not obliged to identify the User or verify the information provided. However, the administration of shark.chat has the right, at its discretion, to demand documentary evidence from customers of the authenticity of the provided personal data in contact information in order to accurately identify the owner of the account. The User gives his consent to the storage and processing of the data provided by him. The Provider has the right to transfer the User's data to third parties only if the participation of a third party is necessary for the full provision of the service to the User.

Tariffs and payment

The user can choose one of several tariffs offered by the Provider. First of all, a free Spurdog tariff is available to the User. Within 7 days, the User can test all the Shark.chat features absolutely free.

After testing, the User needs to determine the number of employees and indicate them when registering Tiger Shark tariff. Tariffing is done in advance - US $ 10 per employee or US $ 100 per year. If the number of employees is five or more, it is beneficial for the User to purchase Shark Swarm tariff. This tariff already includes 5 employees and its cost is 450 US dollars per year. It is also possible to add employees to Shark Swarm tariff - US $ 10 per employee or US $ 100 per year (according to Tiger Shark tariff).

General Provisions

The relationship between the Provider and the User arising from this agreement is governed by the legislation of Ukraine. In the event of a dispute, the Parties shall make every effort to resolve it through negotiations. If it is impossible to reach a resolution of the dispute, the Parties may apply to the court for its resolution in court in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. By ordering a service on the Shark.chat site, the User confirms that he has read all the terms of this agreement and accepts its provisions. In case of disagreement with this agreement, the User should not register on the Shark.chat site, order and pay any bills, as this will automatically confirm his agreement with all the terms of the agreement.

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